amika X HairToStay

What is HairToStay?

HairToStay is a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness and financial aid for scalp cooling technology, a treatment which can prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. Currently, this treatment is inaccessible for many people, as scalp cooling is not covered by most insurance providers.

HairToStay has raised over $2.5 million since its inception and has awarded subsidies of $1,000 to $1,500 to over 1,600 patients nationwide. 

The organization is dedicated to increasing access to scalp cooling for patients who have a financial need and educating patients, the public, and hair professionals about the benefits of scalp cooling.

Though used throughout Europe and across the globe for close to two decades, this technology was largely unavailable and unknown in the US, until the FDA Clearance in December 2015.

What is scalp cooling?

By cooling the scalp during chemotherapy, hair loss can be prevented by impacting two cellular processes. Scalp cooling constricts the blood vessels in the hair follicles, thereby exposing them to less of the chemotherapy medication that often results in total hair loss.

Additionally, the chemotherapy’s effects on the hair follicle are reduced due to the slowing of the cellular metabolism. By inhibiting hair loss, scalp cooling technology works to maintain a sense of normalcy and privacy in a patient’s life, and can thwart the emotional damage that hair loss can often cause.

Why is amika partnering with HairToStay?

amika has always been much more than just a professional hair care and tools company. We not only understand the impact that our products have on women's life, helping them look and feel their best, we have also always understood the importance of giving back. As a company that is involved in helping the community, we found HairToStay to be an amazing opportunity to make meaningful impacts and help women going through chemotherapy. In partnering with HairToStay, we will help spread awareness and finance scalp cooling treatment for cancer patient’s, which prevents hair loss during chemotherapy.

“amika is uniquely positioned to support HairToStay, as our community of hairdressers intimately understand how important hair is to your sense of confidence and self-expression. We believe in the power of feeling beautiful and true to yourself—and want to work to ensure that those undergoing chemotherapy can look and feel like the best version of themselves possible.”

-Chelsea Riggs, amika Brand President

How will amika support HairToStay?

1% of all sales from the amika website will be donated to HairToStay. 

Want to help?

You have the power to raise awareness of scalp cooling while you shop. At checkout, you have the option to choose between $1 - $10 donation to HairToStay to be added to your order.

I’m a salon owner/stylist. What can I do?

Amika affiliate salon owners and stylists can host HairToStay Salon-a-thons. These are fundraising campaigns designed specifically for the haircare industry. You can help to raise the money needed to help women and men undergoing chemotherapy.

Salon-a-thons are unique to each salon, it’s up to the host to decide how much of the proceeds to donate. For more information on hosting a Salon-a-thon click here

We encourage you to donate at checkout to help us support this amazing organization. To learn more, please also visit

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